We provide workshops and lectures to professionals, designers, makers, students, and hobbyists. If you would like to request workshops around, e-textile, fashion technology, and wearable technology. Please email us at below:   info[at]


Connecting Data to textiles

Nov.10th, 2017

All levels welcome.

This workshop will teach the basics of creating wearable design with data. Students will learn how to collect data and integrate and transmit this information to create smart apparel via sensory technology, Arduino programming, and web development. By the end of the workshop, students will have developed a wearable e-textile swatch that collects data from the wearer’s body movements and then visualizes the data on a web app.


Kinetic Textiles 

Dec.1st, 2017, All levels welcome.

This workshop will explore the relationship between sound and textiles, in the form of a kinetic e-textile swatch. Students will learn how to generate movement in textiles using magnets and copper wire, as well as mic sensor to capture sound which actuates movements. Preprogrammed wearable microcontrollers will be provided for sound input, and the students will be primarily learning how to physically construct, sew, and embed kinetic components into the textile. By the end of the workshop, students will have developed an e-textile swatch that can kinetically move to sound.


Creating Interactive Fashion


All levels welcome.

Join this fun and comprehensive one day intensive workshop, Creating Interactive Fashion. It’s the perfect introduction for fashion designers, aspiring product designers, crafting lovers, and students of all stripes to learn about interaction design, wearable technology and programming. Students will get hands on experience programming circuits, DIY sensors, sewing with conductive materials, and materializing their own designs. By the end, students will finish an interactive garment or accessory.


Intro to Wearables

Oct. 27th, 2017

All levels welcome.

This is an introductory course in which students will gain an understanding of the circuit technology used in clothing design to create e-textiles. Students can expect to come away with a basic knowledge of completing circuits, conductivity, and resistance. During the workshop, students will learn how to integrate these technologies and materials to design an interactive t-shirt.